Veterans of Modern Warfare is the Newest National Wartime Veterans Service Organization, focused on mutual assistance to Veterans with military service from 1990 - the time of the Persian Gulf War which ushered in a new era of modern warfare - through the present, including the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Mission of VMW is to support you and your families by:
  • Providing education and information about the benefits you have earned
  • Assistance in obtaining your benefits
  • Advocacy in issues important to our generation
  • Camaraderie through locally based, national chapters

VMW Public Service Announcement

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Benefits access.Veterans of modern warfare communicate differently than Veterans of previous eras did.  Most of us are fully comfortable with the Internet, email, and mobile communications and we expect rapid, accurate, and consistent responses to questions, concerns, and applications for federal and state Veterans’ benefits.  When we transition following active duty, we often find that the benefits delivery systems do not meet our expectations.   As World War II Veterans discovered when they worked together to create the original G.I. Bill, and as Vietnam Veterans learned when tackling defining PTSD, there’s strength in numbers.

Benefits appropriateness. We’re skilled in improvising, adapting, and overcoming.  But, when we return home, we’re not all sure just how to put those skills to use, or exactly where we fit in.  We know we can make it anywhere, because we have.  But can we make it everywhere, especially when many of the programs, systems, and benefits provided to help us were designed for other eras?

Today’s Veterans return to cities and more rural areas across the nation in the heart of the Information Age.  Benefits need to be fairly and consistently adjudicated and delivered in a timely and geographically appropriate manner.  Working together, we can help make that a reality.

Seamless transition. Today more than ever, a seamless transition from military to civilian life is critical.  However, it’s no secret that there’s much to be done to make that transition more seamless.  Improving that system is a top VMW priority.  By becoming an active VMW member, you can help to reshape the transition for those who come home after us.

Health Care to Meet Modern Warriors’ Needs. Core strengths of the VA health care system have included orthopedics, PTSD treatment, and geriatric care.  VA employees are almost always caring, helpful, and honored to serve those who serve.  But, access issues and frequent administrative fumbles remain problematic.

With increasing tempo and frequency, today’s modern warriors deploy in mission after mission across the globe, often in small teams.  And, today’s warriors are all too familiar with conditions like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – perhaps the signature issue of the war in Iraq – and rates of PTSD that may exceed the Vietnam War rates.

And, in prior wars, endemic disease threats manifested among the vast numbers of troops were easily recognized when hundreds or thousands were simultaneously sickened.  Today’s smaller missions may not offer the same level of recognition of emerging health issues.

For Veterans of modern warfare, the VA’s local medical facilities are rarely oriented towards treatment of ill-defined health conditions like TBI, leishmaniasis, or Gulf War Syndrome.  Needed health care is touted nationally as being available, but in reality, many Veterans learn that the available care is so far from home that it’s impossible to access, especially if you’re still trying to hold a job.

Changing the VA system will not happen overnight. But it needs to.  Join VMW today to help the federal government change course to make the right changes to meet the needs of today’s modern warriors.

Advocacy. VMW is an emerging voice of advocacy for Veterans of modern warfare in Washington, DC and around the country.  We’re the voice for the media to turn to for information and examples of current issues regarding modern military service.  VMW prioritizes issues related to deployment and redeployment, continuing long after we’ve returned home.  We prioritize appropriate benefits and services, health and mental health care, employment and readjustment issues.  Join VMW today, and be sure to register as a volunteer member of the VMW Speakers Bureau to be on call for national and local news stories about issues of importance to you!

Why is there a need for another Veterans organization?

VMW is different. We have a national structure and chapters like other Veterans organizations, which help to foster comradeship with fellow member Veterans who have had experiences similar to our own.  And, like the Vietnam Veterans before us, we have a pledge to never forget other generations of Veterans – present, future, or past.

But, we’re intent on staying tightly focused with a sense of common purpose aimed at achieving end results on issues that matter to our membership.  And, we communicate as we need to, using modern technology, and we’re comfortable meeting monthly wherever we find appropriate space.

We’ve served in over 140 countries around the globe, in missions ranging from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to peacekeeping, peacemaking, counternarcotics, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and more.

As Veterans of modern warfare, we share much in common with Veterans of previous wars and eras.  We share the bonds of serving our nation in its times of need.  We have experienced similar hardships of military life, often under harsh combat conditions.

But, we also differ from our fellow Veterans of earlier eras.  VMW members are generally younger than the members of other existing Veterans service organizations.  We’re used to serving in organizations that are ethnically and socially diverse, like today’s military.  We’re accustomed to women in combat roles.  We’re fully a part of the Information Age – we grew up in it and have known nothing else.  We’re likely to have experienced “Stop Loss,” multiple Guard and Reserve activations, and multiple hazardous duty tours – all in times of increased national disunity.

If this sounds like you, and your honorable military service in the U.S. Armed Forces (including federally activated Guard and Reserve) was August 1990 or later, you’re already one of us.  Now, join VMW.  There’s strength in numbers!






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