Chair - Mike Walsh

VMW Purpose of the Health Care Services Committee

The Health Care Committee shall oversee the input of medical information dispersed by the organization. The Committee will assist any Veterans Service Officer with medical issues.

Responsibilities of Committee:

  • Liaison between VMW and VSOs concerning medical issues
  • Assign a committee member to moderate the VMW’s online medical discussions
  • Prepare and log a weekly or monthly online newsletter concerning health issues
  • Prepare position papers for VMW for press releases concerning health issues
  • Act as Medical liaison between the VA and VMW
  • Attend any pertinent medical conference in DC to further VMW’s presence on Capitol Hill

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Committee Chair: notify participants of meeting time, prepare agenda, monitor progress of committee projects/ assignments, and lead meetings
  • All members will participate in all meetings

Qualifications of Committee Members:

  • Have a background in the medical and or psychiatric professions
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Ability and willingness to give support to other committee and board members
  • Maintain currency in all pertinent certifications
  • Ability to travel on behalf of the committee or VMW

Amount of Time Required:

Average 4 hours per month (one meeting per month, plus preparation time for assignments)

Length of Commitment:

Two year term or as agreed to by the Board

Responsible To:

Board of Directors and Committee Chair