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Veterans of Modern Warfare - "It's about the Warrior"

Veterans of Modern Warfare (VMW) is a National Wartime Veterans Service Organization dedicated to serving our Nation’s most recent Veterans and the only organization forming locally based Chapters. Our purpose is to support you and your family by providing education and information about the benefits you have earned, assistance in obtaining those benefits, and advocacy on issues important to all Veterans.

Membership in VMW is open to Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who have served since August 2, 1990 - the time of the Persian Gulf War which ushered in a new era of modern warfare - through the present, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our associate organization, Advocates of Veterans of Modern Warfare (AVMW) welcomes family, friends and all supporters of our modern Veterans to join our efforts and work side-by-side on our journey to get "all the way back home".

VMW is working to provide you with the most up-to-date information about our organization and our Chapters forming across the country.

We encourage you to join others who share your experiences, your exposures and your journey to get "all the way back home" by becoming a member of Veterans of Modern Warfare.

Membership is "FREE" for the first year and discount "Lifetime" memberships are currently available for $150.00. Please use our web application by clicking "Join VMW Now" or download a membership application below and give VMW a test drive. Together we WILL make a difference.



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