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VMW Comments on VSO Non-Profit Fraud

VSO Non-Profit Fraud?

The sadness you feel when you hear about another Veterans charity being accused of using donated funds fraudulently is overwhelming. When you have first hand knowledge of how hard the work is, how hard it is to raise funds, and how hard it is to keep going, you want to strike out at these groups. It's unforgivable that they not only divert monies that people gave out of the kindness of their hearts with love and concern for our warriors, but now, this will cause these same people to distrust all Veterans Service Organizations and charities. How worthless a human being are you that you look in the mirror and smile at the insult you've caused.

Veterans of Modern Warfare applause the Senators and Representatives that are pursuing this group. Our hope is they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, removing their non-profit status will not bring back the millions that they stole. State and Federal prosecutors need to set an example of these people.

Veterans of Modern Warfare hope that the loving, caring public doesn't give up on Veteran Service Organizations and charities. The good that is being done on behalf of Veterans both at the National and Local levels is remarkable and appreciated.

"A country that doesn't stand by it's Veterans, will one day fall, for lack of the Veteran."


Joe Morgan, President

Veterans of Modern Warfare "It's About the Warrior"


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