Chair - VACANT

VMW Purpose of the Veteran Services Committee

The Veteran Services Committee shall provide FREE service, assistance, advocacy and education for all current military, veterans and their dependents through Federal, State and local agencies and communities for benefits to which they may be entitled. The Veteran Services Committee shall provide support to all other VMW Committees.


Responsibilities of Committee

  • Assign a committee member to moderate the VMW’s online veteran services discussions

  • Prepare and log a quarterly online newsletter concerning benefits

  • Assist and educate military, veterans and their dependents in filing claims for benefits to include Department of Veterans Affairs; disability compensation, pension(s), vocational rehabilitation, employment, home loan guarantee certificates, life insurance, death benefits, health care eligibility and military discharge reviews

  • Prepare position papers for VMW for press releases concerning veteran benefits

  • Act as a Benefits liaison between the VA and VMW

  • Attend any pertinent benefits conference in DC to further VMW’s presence on Capitol Hill

  • Assist in community outreach programs

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Committee Chair: notify participants of meeting time, prepare agenda, monitor progress of committee projects/ assignments, and lead meetings

  • All members will participate in all meetings

  • Committee Members will have an active role in brainstorming and making recommendations

  • Ability to work on and with computers

  • All Members are required to keep ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY and ensure the privacy of our clients

Qualifications of Committee Members

  • Become familiar with the United States Code Service Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations 38 and DSM-IV

  • Ability to work as a team

  • Ability and willingness to give support to other committee and board members

  • Maintain current in all pertinent certifications required by the VMW National Certification Program and VA Accreditation

  • Ability to travel on behalf of the committee or VMW


Amount of Time Required

Average 4 hours per month (one meeting per month, plus preparation time for assignments)


Length of Commitment

Two year term or as agreed to by the Board


Responsible To

Board of Directors and Committee Chair